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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

To My Husband, Keith

I dedicate this blog to my husband, Robert Keith Creamer, of whom I am so proud.
He is the most "American" of Americans I know. He has dedicated his entire life to service to God and Country. He holds a Black Belt in American Freestyle Karate, is an Eagle Scout, and was a Boy Scout Master and Royal Ranger Commander for many years. He led a backpacking expedition Using his Map & Compass skills in the Deep Terrain of the Rocky Mountains for over 100 miles as a Crew Leader for 20 boys hiking and camping at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico. He rock climbed to the Peak of Baldy Mountain which is 12,600 ft. above sea level. Was a trained Firefighter and a member of the Hazmat Team for ST. Joe Paper Co., and trained with the High Angle Roco Rescue Team. He used his training to save a young girl's life who was bleeding to death after her car crashed into a tree late one night in the Tyndall Air force Base woods. An accomplished Kickboxer with awards and trophies from tournaments such as the Battle of Atlanta, Slugfest Nationals in New Orleans, La., DixieLand Nationals in Columbia, S.C. and the U. S. Open in Orlando, Florida. After personally meeting with World Champion professional fighters, Bill "SuperFoot" Wallace, Joe Lewis, and the greatest Kickboxer who ever lived, "Don the Dragon" Wilson, they were instrumental in recommending Keith to Team America 's coach, Bruce Smith of Washington, D. C. that Keith be chosen to fight for the U. S. Martial Arts Team. He represented his beloved U. S. A. and he brought home Two Gold Medals & a Silver Medal in the Heavy Weight division for America at the Millennium Games 2000 in Sydney, Australia. He used his skills to assist in training police officers Hand to Hand Combat. Lead the local CMA Bikers Chapter "Committed Christian Riders" as the "Road Captain" for two years. He has two degrees from Gulf Coast Community College in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology and a Cisco Systems Certification. He now works at L-3 Com - Titan for the Armed Forces to help protect the Warfighter, Marines & Soldiers overseas. He recently cut a CD Singing “Love Me Tender”, at the Famous “Sun Studio” in Memphis where Elvis Presley began. He has been a Ball Player, an awesome athlete, but most of all, He loves his family & Mother, and is a loving and faithful husband. I am his biggest fan. I love you! Your wife, Athena